The Dreem Headband Is Useless To Me

When I heard about the Dreem headband and watched reviews comparing the accuracy of the Dreem headband to other medical devices, I was excited to try it out and to see if it would be useful to me. Reviews from scientists such as this one describe it as an accurate way to track sleep cycles. I already own the Oura Ring and wanted to see how it compared.

Why Non-Diabetics Should Monitor Blood Glucose Levels

Insulin resistance is when your body doesn’t respond well to insulin, limiting the use of your blood glucose as a form of energy. This includes your muscles, fat, and organs. Insulin is a hormone made by the pancreas and helps your body use glucose for energy or store glucose for future use. Insulin helps keep your blood sugar level. It’s hard to measure insulin at home. You can do so by doing blood tests from labs but this doesn’t really tell how your insulin levels react to certain activities and foods you eat on a regular basis.

How Can Grounding and Earthing Help You Recover From Inflammation

What is Earthing?

Earthing is basically “grounding” yourself to a negative charge. Just like you would ground a wire to a negative charge so certain electronic appliances won’t shock you and put you in danger. The ground wire is typically known as the safety wire.

Because we are constantly indoors, surrounded by electrical appliances, we too have a positive charge that can be grounded. You can ground yourself by stepping outside barefoot in the grass or beach. The wetter the grass, dirt, or beach area, the better the grounding works. When you do this you are neutralizing the positive charge your body has. This is real and can be measured by using a multi-meter.

90 lbs. Primal Kettlebell by Onnit

Kettlebells are one of the most versatile pieces of fitness you can add to your arsenal. There are gyms solely dedicated to just kettlebell training. Ever since Pavel Tsatsouline introduced the kettlebell to the United States, serious fitness junkies have been training with them religiously. What better kettlebell to highlight than Onnit’s bad fucking ass 90-pound gorilla kettlebell.

Heavy Duty Resistance Bands

If you are into getting bigger muscles anytime and anywhere, one of the best tools you can have available is heavy-duty resistance bands. Resistance bands can help supplement your workouts or replace your current equipment when you don’t have barbells or dumbells available. To really build muscle and replace your set of heavy tools, you need to find the heavy-duty resistance bands.

Antler Farms – 100% Pure 8X Mushroom Complex

Research shows mushrooms support healthy immune function and inflammatory responses. The popular ones that have been studied with positive results are Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Cordyceps, Chaga, and Turkey Tail which are included in this mixture of the mushroom complex. They are also high in vitamins B, D, and are associated with cancer-fighting heart health properties.

Bear KompleX Aluminum Speed Jump Rope

The Bear Komplex jump rope is a lightweight yet very high-quality jump rope made by the same people that brought you the Bear Komplex gloves which is also a very well designed product. It’s great for CrossFit WODs because it works better than other ones. It works so well it may feel like cheating. Using this will help you knock out more “double-unders” than the regular jump rope available.

The Hypervolt Massager

The Hypervolt by Hyperice is a powerful massager used for recovery and to loosen up your muscles. It comes with various attachments and is powerful as hell. It’s good to use before and after workouts or when you need to really loosen up the tissue in affected areas where you feel is tight.

The Chili Pad

The Chili Pad is a thin mattress pad that has a heating and cooling system attached to it. It circulates water around a network of small tubes on the pad. The temperature is adjustable from 55 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit. For those who want to optimize their sleep, using the cooling features of the pad helps you sleep better by keeping your body temperature low in the night. It will prevent many of you from waking up with a sweaty back in the middle of the night!