When Is The Vegan Diet The Healthy Option?

A whole foods vegan diet may be a healthy diet for some people. The diet may be healthy for people who eat the standard American diet which is full of processed foods and junk foods. If you decide not to go whole foods and just eat “vegan”, including your favorite processed vegan “meats” made to look like real meat and other varieties of processed vegan treats you find in the popular grocery stores, I would say this is never a good option if you are seeking long term health.

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Dexa Scan Results for 2019 Shows 8 Percent Body Fat

I wrote about my Dexa scan results for 2017 and 2018 which showed that I had a body fat percentage of 9.6%, 9.5% respectively. At the time I was consistently doing CrossFit classes around 4-5 times a week and other accessory exercises or steady-state cardio the other days.

This year I leaned out a bit as well as feel and look stronger overall.

My routine has remained relatively the same with a few notable differences. I still do CrossFit workouts around 4-5 times a week, but will dedicate an extra 30-45 minutes to strength or skill-based exercises either before or after class. This could be anything from working on handstand walks or 5×5 squat, weighted pull-ups or another 10-15 minutes CrossFit WOD (workout of the day).

Intentional Training

I leaned out mainly because I consume slightly fewer calories than I burn and I’ve built more muscle up within the last year by focusing more on using heavier weights and compound movements as opposed to small muscle group workouts like bicep curls or using isolated exercise machines.

I rarely train specifically for aesthetic reasons. Every exercise I do is focused on a goal. For example, I will train my shoulders by doing shoulder presses so I can have a more stable lockout position for my overheat squats and be able to do more strict handstand pushups.

I will practice handstand walking for 10-15 minutes a few times a week or Turkish getups. By doing this you are getting better at the skill while training multiple muscle groups in your body.

Since Olympic weightlifting (clean, jerk and snatch) works out multiple muscle groups at the same time, practicing those movements will help you get physically stronger in your arms, legs, and core. A great bang for your buck!

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Sleep is the Ultimate Nootropic and Miracle Drug

Sleep is the Ultimate Nootropic and Miracle Drug

Diabetes, Alzheimers, obesity, heart disease, dementia, accidental death, depression, colds, flu’s and a multitude of other ailments can be healed or prevented by good sleep. You get better work done with more sleep. You are more creative. Yes, it takes time to sleep but the time you are awake is more efficient. Your workouts will be more effective. Your recovery from workouts will be more effective as well. People search for ways to improve their work using drugs like Adderall or caffeine mixed with MCT oil and butter. They take pre-workouts, salts, creatine, beta-alanine, and other random shit they don’t really know about to improve their workouts. They research and read about the latest and most effective “hack” when all you need is good restorative sleep.

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Why I Think Red Meat Is Good For You

Why I Think Red Meat Is Good For You

Despite headlines, there’s not much data that shows red meat is bad for you. Many people will point to observational studies that show a correlation between red meat and death. These studies group a large set of data and correlate those who report that they eat more red meat than usual tend to die at a faster rate than those who eat less meat. Even though correlation does NOT equal causation, It’s a pretty weak correlation. Here’s why:

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