My Ulcerative Colitis Experiences

My Ulcerative Colitis Experiences

I now have been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis for over 15 years. It’s an inflammatory bowel disease where your immune system fails in some way and creates inflammation within your colon. For me its the lower part of the colon and rectum.

Sometimes I am in remission, a period where I have no symptoms, but most of the time I either have light symptoms with periods of heavy symptoms. Symptoms include bloating, bloody diarrhea, and mucus mixed with blood discharging instead of normal stools. During bad periods of a flare-up, you can end up going to the restroom 10 times a day or more.

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How Traveling Messes with My Sleep and Health and How to Fix it

How Traveling Messes with My Sleep and Health and How to Fix It

When I travel, I feel like it’s a time to explore the city to the fullest. This means eating, drinking and getting terrible sleep. Just like I allow myself to have cheat days or weekends, I allow myself to cheat when I travel. This works for me because I don’t travel all the time but if I did, the poor exercise routine, diet, and sleep would ruin any gains I had from working out regularly.

So starting today, I’m making it a point to travel healthier, even if I don’t travel on the regular. This post is just a way for me to document this.

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How To Enjoy Alcohol and to Not Have it Affect your Sleep

How to Enjoy Alcohol and to Not Have it Affect Your Sleep

TLDR – It depends on how you “enjoy” alcohol. Basically, if you go to sleep feeling like you’ve drank that day or evening because you are slightly buzzed or recovering from a buzz you had earlier, the alcohol will affect your sleep quality

As humans, alcohol has been in our culture for thousands of years. It’s an effective social lubricant at parties and social gatherings. It provides us with some escapism when we need to temporarily forget about our problems and provides us with a sense of elation when we want to celebrate events. It also can be used to enhance the flavor of foods and your dining experiences.

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The Apple Watch V02 Max Accuracy

The Apple Watch V02 Max Accuracy

The only accurate way to measure VO2 max is to wear a face mask and actually measure the amount of oxygen flowing through the mask and to your lungs. Obviously, the Apple Watch doesn’t come with a face mask attachment you can connect via Bluetooth, yet. So how does Apple Watch measure V02 Max?

Apple watch uses a metric known as “Predicted V02 Max” and is based on your heart rate activity during exercise. Since the relationship of the heart rate and the VO2 max varies between everyone, it’s not a perfect indicator of your VO2 max, but with regular testing, you can see the trends of improvement or decline in relation to your own VO2 max baseline.

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Crossfit is Dangerous and Causes Injuries

The dangers and injuries caused by doing CrossFit.

CrossFit has turned working out into a sport. As a sport, It’s relatively new compared to other sports that have been around for a long time like basketball, baseball, and football. People that jump into most new sports without proper training can be injured at a higher rate than those that train properly. Since Crossfit training involves movements that are new to many people such as kipping pull-ups, toes-to-bars, olympic lifts, gymnastics ring work and much more, I’m not surprised that injuries occur, especially without proper training.

Any complex movement that hasn’t been done before that requires a certain amount of strength and mobility can cause injuries if not done in the correct way with the proper progression exercises. Most Crossfit classes have people of all different levels of experience and training so individuals must recognize what they are and aren’t capable of performing during training.

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The No Excuse Workout Program

The No Excuse Workout Program

If you’re like many busy people, preparing to go to a gym after work or squeezing it in during lunch is tough, especially when you are already feeling overwhelmed. You can still be in good shape though. Going to the gym puts you in an environment where you feel compelled to do some type of exercise, but if you integrate exercises and a movement routine throughout your day, then going to the gym will be a bonus instead of a requirement for staying in shape. Here are a few exercise routines and ideas some if you can integrate into your life to keep you in shape.

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Practical Uses of The Oura Ring

Keeping track of things like your heart rate variability, resting heart rate, respiratory rate, body temperature, and physical activity can be interesting and as time goes by, you may notice trends that you can take action on. For example, I noticed that after March, my overall heart rate variability was trending down, a negative sign of health as a higher HRV than your baseline is a sign of good health and recovery.

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Alcohol, Resting Heart Rate, Heart Rate Variability and Sleep

Ever since I got the Oura Ring, I’m able to track my deep sleep, heart rate variability and my resting heart rate in a more accurate fashion. Heart rate variability is the time interval between heartbeats. Typically, the higher the HRV, the better. The Oura ring is able to measure this by measuring your HRV while you are sleeping at the same time of the day, which makes the readings more accurate than other devices like the Apple watch or FitBit.

A lower resting heart rate during sleep is also associated with good recovery and health.

On normal days, my deep sleep, HRV and resting heart rate is relatively good and consistent and my Oura Ring’s readiness score is not too bad. It’s not optimal because my weeks vary in terms of training and other activities.

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