DAYP 16: Your Lagging Body Parts Deserve More Attention

Have you been focused on working your ass off on your butt, biceps, or back without seeing much progress on growth or strength? Today we look at what action you can take to get closer to your physical goals. What you do most is what you’re going to improve at the most. – Sal DeStefano

DAYP 15: Achieve Productivity In What Matters to You

Money, relationships, a six-pack…. Goals are great, but do your daily actions align with your goals? Today we look at how Ben Patrick and his wife Alissa cut out entertainment to focus on what is important to them. In today’s world there’s a lot of really good entertainment and there’s a lot of really tasty

DAYP 14: Use Play to Enhance Your Life, Creativity & Productivity

Don’t lose your childlike sense of play! Play is not only fun, it can improve your creativity, productivity, and life. Especially as we get older, we should set aside more time for “play”. The playful mindset … It’s really about allowing yourself to expand a number of outcomes you are willing to entertain and think

DAYP 13: Cool Yourself Properly for 3x the Gains

Using ice packs incorrectly may be detrimental to your performance. This week’s content looks at how to properly cool yourself down. Read on to find out how to gain a performance edge by cooling down properly. By the end of that month he was doing 300 dips. Here is a professional athlete at peak physical