A philosophy and way to live your life where the eventual end of your life is also the pinnacle of your mental and physical health.

Are You In Your 40’s and Still Care About Your Physical and Mental Health?

When you are in your 20’s and 30’s, as long as you aren’t abusing your bodies too badly, good health is commonplace.

In your 40’s and above, you really have to try hard to maintain good health. Things seem to get more difficult. Hangovers last a bit longer. Recovery from workouts seems lengthy and waking up in the morning may reveal joint or muscle pain you never seemed to have experienced in the past.

Can you feel and perform as good as you were in your 20s? Maybe not competitively and at a world-class level, but you can be among those in their 40’s, me being one of them, who can honestly say they are in the best shape of their life.

The Pillars Of This Website

  1. Diet – Eating (or fasting) based on your personal goals and needs.
  2. Fitness – Mental and physical fitness to fit your personality and goals.
  3. Mindset – It begins with your approach and how you view the world around you.
  4. Increasing Healthspan – Who cares how long you live if you are too physically broken to enjoy life.

This Website Is Not For

  • Those who complain that getting old is restricting them from working out hard and feeling great.
  • Those who have a dogmatic view on diet or exercise and aren’t open to listening to ALL sides of the argument and determining what fits them best.
  • People who make excuses for why any aspect of their life or body isn’t working the way they want.
  • Competitive athletes who are training for specific events or competitions. Training for specific events requires specific needs that are better served on other websites. This site is for those who are training for living an optimally healthy lifestyle.

This Website Is For

  • Hard workers who want to be more fit and healthy as they age
  • Those who believe that the ideal health solution depends on what your personal goals are

What We Write About

  • Fitness, nutrition, and health tracking products we think are cool
  • Things that interest us. This includes diet, exercise, productivity, mental and physical health, body-hacking and optimization, longevity, health tech, products we like, CrossFit, calisthenics, weightlifting, and other random shit. If you want to submit a cool review or article, hit us up.

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