What Does it Mean to Die At Your Peak?

It means age is not an excuse to deteriorate mentally and physically. At least without putting up a legit fight.

To die at your peak means that we not only want to stay physically and mentally healthy, but we want to get stronger, fitter, faster and smarter as we age. We believe we can do this by being disciplined with our diet, fitness, training program and general lifestyle.

Can one really get stronger, sharper and healthier as one gets older, let alone, die at your peak? Probably not. But we believe that never-ending self-improvement until the day you die is a good philosophy to live by anyway.

What This Website Is About

We’re just a couple of guys that are interested in health and fitness. We enjoy experimenting with various diets, fasting protocols, lifting weights and body hacking experiments to see what fits our lifestyle and performance goals the best.

Since we’ve been tracking this information on our own we thought we’d document it publicly in hopes others will find it interesting and share their own tips and knowledge.


To build a community of like-minded individuals who believe that every year should be the year your body and mind peak.

We also thought it would be fun and useful to have a place to post our fitness progress and goals as a way to keep track of the information and to hold ourselves accountable.

Who We Are

We are professionals in our late 30s, early 40s. A time when those in the same age bracket give in to the socially acceptable precept that they can’t do anything about their physical and mental decline.

We choose to fight and not to give in to that beer belly or “dad bod”, mental fog, hip and knee injury, arthritic hands and shoulders.

We’re also into increasing your strength, mental acuity, and overall quality of life by exercise and other health tools and devices.

– Eric and Benny 


Although we are nerds about data and enjoy consuming the latest research on x, y and z, this is our personal journey. Any advice given is coming from our limited knowledge bank, research and personal experience only so we urge that you take it with a grain of salt.

Our main attitude about health and fitness is that everybody is different and you should rely on your own goals, data, research, and professional medical opinions to get to where you want to be.