Hiking Prescription, Parkinson’s Disease Prevention, Grip Strength on Heart Health, Old Age, and Workouts

Many of us might lose hope when it comes to treating or managing our illnesses or conditions, especially if it’s chronic. We get convoluted by so many drugs that most doctors prescribe. But what if there’s a way, something more natural, for us to manage our condition by not only relying on medications?

Hiking Prescription in Scotland

Doctors in Scotland took the advantage of giving “nature prescriptions” as part of addressing the health issues of their patients. The health authorities from Shetland, an island filled with raw and awesome nature in Scotland, took the liberty of letting medical professionals prescribe outdoor activities, such as hiking, walking, cycling, and swimming, alongside traditional health care. These activities have been shown to be an effective healthy supplement for those with high blood pressure, diabetes, anxiety, depression and other chronic illnesses.