New Studies on Sugar and Smoking: Do We Really Need More Evidence?

We just can’t get enough of our favorite sugary treats, can we? We even admire artificial sweeteners saying they’re much better than regular sugars. How about smoking, how many sticks or packs do we consume per day? Haven’t we noticed that we age faster bit by bit by every puff of smoke we exhale and inhale? There are so many questions that we most probably already know the answers to. Still, we are in denial and still choose to continue our bad habits. Here are a few new studies that can shed some light of what we currently know about these topics.

Sugar Substitutes NOT Better Than Real Sugar

The truth really hits hard and bitter; sweeteners are not healthier than our regular sugars. There’s no science backing the claims of companies making our favorite sweeteners, that these are much better to consume than real sugars, though they’re not worse either.

A European research team did a study to 14,000 people regarding intake of sweeteners and its effect on BMI, eating behavior, oral health, cancer, kidney and heart diseases, mood swings, and other conditions. It was concluded that there’s no evidence of health benefits seen in consuming artificial sweeteners.

This new study just debunks the marketing ads of sugar substitute companies, making more people believe that their sweeteners are a healthier option than the conventional sugars. Though, at this point, doors haven’t closed for newer studies and research about the topic.