Healthspan Is More Important Than Lifespan

According to statistics, the lifespan of this generation’s general population has increased, and the health status has also improved mainly because of the new drugs and medical innovations. These are both amazing news, but what do we really mean when we say lifespan and healthspan? Is there a difference between the two and is one more important than the other?

Lifespan And Healthspan

Lifespan is the number of years in life; how long we live, whereas healthspan is the quality of life; how well we live, in simple terms. Beyond this, it’s more complex than just long life and poor health or short life and rich in health because we want to live longer and better.

When we talk further about lifespan, it’s how long we can delay the onset of life-threatening diseases. In healthspan, we dive deeper into how long we can preserve cognitive functions, maintain physical form and motor functions, and sustain our purpose and social functions. Now that we get the framework of this topic, evolution tells us how we can live longer and better, that’s by meeting our biological needs such as food and sleep sustenance, survival instincts such as stress responses and reproduction. As millennials, centuries, and decades pass, thanks to civilization and technology, we hacked our way into resolving our acute problems, such as war, famine, trauma, lethal infections, and brutality. Chronic problems, on the other hand, were left such as heart diseases, lower back pain, type-2 diabetes, and Alzheimer’s.

Once we acquire these problems, it’s harder for us to achieve longevity, meaning long and better life. One way of making sure we achieve longevity is by improving our physical capabilities. Regular exercises and intense training, diet and fasting, supplementation, meditation, sleep, and hygiene are some of the hacks we can do to increase our life and health spans.