CrossFit is Dangerous and Causes Injuries

CrossFit is Dangerous and Causes Injuries

CrossFit has turned working out into a sport. As a sport, It’s relatively new compared to other sports that have been around for a long time like basketball, baseball, and football. People that jump into most new sports without proper training can be injured at a higher rate than those that train properly. Since Crossfit training involves movements that are new to many people such as kipping pull-ups, toes-to-bars, olympic lifts, gymnastics ring work and much more, I’m not surprised that injuries occur, especially without proper training.

Any complex movement that hasn’t been done before that requires a certain amount of strength and mobility can cause injuries if not done in the correct way with the proper progression exercises. Most Crossfit classes have people of all different levels of experience and training so individuals must recognize what they are and aren’t capable of performing during training.

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Using PRP Treatment to Fix Patellar Tendonitis – My Experience


After starting Crossfit I developed patellar tendonitis (also known as patellar tendinopathy or “jumper’s knee”) in my left knee. I ignored the pain until it got to the point where I avoided full depth squatting or jumping as it hurt too much. I tried to rehab it on my own, but with no success. It wasn’t until after getting a PRP injection into the affected knee that it fixed my tendonitis and I was able to move again.

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