One of the favorite parts of our day is our meals. We want to show you how our meals factor into our overall fitness goals, and in the case of fasting, our lack of meals.

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What’s the opposite of having a meal? It’s fasting of course! We believe fasting has a wide range of benefits to your body, brain, and mind. It’s one of the greatest tools in our fight with aging healthily so we decided to talk about our fasting habits on this website as well.

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“You can’t outwork a bad diet”.

What’s considered a bad diet? That all depends on what your goals are. Some are trying to look good in their clothes while others are trying to gain size and strength. Some may not care what their size is and is mainly concerned about how they perform in their sport or how much they can lift.

Some may have gut issues or other ailments that they want to alleviate even before wany aesthetics or performance goals.

Most people know what they should eat but aren’t good about creating a diet plan they can comply with.

Our personal thoughts on diets

A healthy diet should be something that you can consistently follow for LIFE. It sounds extreme but we think it is reasonable. When we refer to the diet, we really mean meal plans that integrate with your lifestyle, year round. A diet with a healthy dosing of cheat meals, cheat days or even extended periods of holiday and vacation binging.

The Ideal Diet

Since our goal at DAYP is longevity and consistent improvement in health, we believe the best overall diet is a diet of majority whole, unprocessed foods with very limited grains. A plate full chock full of fresh organic vegetables a high-quality protein like fish, beef or chicken, eggs and olive oil. This coupled with nuts and fruits low on the glycemic index makes a healthy, well balanced meal.

Avoiding bread, rice and other grain-based foods are controversial. Many think they need to consume these foods to have enough energy to take on the day. Oftentimes eating these foods actually make you feel lethargic instead of giving you a boost in energy. Most people I know who stay off these types of carbs for a few weeks notice improvements in how they feel and look. The problem is avoiding bread, rice and pasta long term and consistently.

We want still want our bodies to be metabolically flexible enough to handle grain based carbs when we do eat them on “cheat days”, but it doesn’t have to be a staple in every meal.

What About Sugar?

Despite the controversy about different types of diets, we can all agree that excess sugar is never a good idea. Healthwise, there is never a good reason to dump processed sugar in your body.