Apple Watch Series 2, 3 and Up

The Apple Watch is a jack-of-all trades when it comes to a smart watch. You can reply to messages, take phone calls, track your workouts and also do sleep tracking. The fitness tracking aspect of the Apple Watch is one of the main reasons why we like it. Not only does it have a variety of workouts you can track (like outdoor running, hiking, strength training, etc…), but your workouts’ data is stored in Apple Health which can be exported to other apps for further analysis.

Why We Think It’s Cool

  • Track a variety of workouts. Including walking, running, swimming, hiking, cycling, etc… Will also provide context specific details while working out. For example, while running it will show your current mile pace and your rolling mile pace.
  • Data is stored on Apple’s Activity and Health App. This makes it so you aren’t reliant on any 3rd party apps. Storing it with Apple lets you export data to be analyzed by other apps.
  • Record yourself with ease. You can use the Apple Watch as a viewfinder and remote to take selfies and video self recordings. Great for form checking yourself.
  • Sleep tracking. Track your sleep and see how different factors affect your sleep

Potential Drawbacks

  • Price. Several hundred dollars is a lot to spend for a fitness tracker. However, you do get a lot of additional functionality which can be helpful. Is the watch a necessity? No. But it’s nice to have.
  • Durability. This isn’t the most durable watch. The watch face is still made from glass (not sapphire) so banging it against a rig could easily crack it. If you are looking for something durable consider the Garmin Fenix line of watches.
  • Apple Required. Unfortunately you’ll need an iPhone if you want to play with the Apple Watch.
  • No Pulse Oximeter – The new Apple Watch Series 6 has this as we talk about here.

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