Taubes vs. Guyenet on Rogan, Cardio vs. HIIT and Psychedelics

Many people fall into the camp of HIIT (High intensity Interval Training), demonizing LISS (Low Intensity Steady State) exercises. Why choose a side? There are benefits to both.

Here are some benefits of steady state cardio

  • Burn extra calories and fat
  • Low impact compared to heavy lifting or HIIT which gives your body time to recover from high impact work
  • Helps promote more blood flow, reducing inflammation and soreness and improving cardiovascular function, mitochondrial and cellular health
  • Reduce stress and cortisol levels


Psychedelics, demonized in the past as a dangerous mind altering drug is now being looked into and proposed as an effective treatment of depression and other mental ailments and as an anti-inflammatory agent.


Gary Taubes, an investigative science and health journalist will be debating Stephan Guyenet, a PhD in neuroscience on the Joe Rogan Show.

Taubes is a proponent of the low-carb diet and a believer that refined sugar is the primary cause for obesity while Stephan Guynet believes that obesity is explained by more multifactorial causes like excess calorie intake, physical inactivity, cigarette smoking, alcohol, and other diet and lifestyle choices, with sugar consumption being one of them.

While I also am a supporter of the low-carb diet, I think there is more to obesity than refined sugar. I think Guynet has very intelligent things to say about the subject and will be looking forward to the debate on the Joe Rogan Show, one the one channels where you can hear unadulterated and unedited long form discussions and debates about controversial topics.


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