Skepticism over the “Hangover Free” Wine: A Dry Farm Wines Review

Drinking whiskey and beer when I’m out socializing and a few glasses of wine when I’m eating dinner or relaxing at home is something I thoroughly enjoy and regularly indulge in. The problem is that overdoing alcohol can give you hangovers and have negative effects on your training, fitness gains and overall health. Alcohol consumption is linked to a multitude of chronic diseases, not to mention the additives, preservatives, and sugars that are often found in many alcoholic beverages. That’s where Dry Farm Wines come in. They claim to be one of the healthiest options when it comes to indulging in wine.

Dry Farm Wines is a wine club that curates wine from smaller vineyards in countries like Italy, Portugal, France, and Spain with a focus on healthy, organic and hygienic methods of production.

What is Dry Farming?

Dry-farming is the way of growing grapes using natural water from rainfall. Irrigation uses water systems to grow grapes.

Less than 1% of U.S. vineyards use dry-farming as a method to grow grapes while it is illegal in most European regions not to use dry-farming as a way to grow grapes.

The main, and some say, the only motivation for irrigation is more yield and more profits.

In terms of quality, most believe that dry-farming produces a more superior product.

The Dry Farm Wines club begins their curation of wines and wine producers by only allowing wines that use the dry-farming method of producing grapes.

Bad ingredients in Wine

Wine can often contain added sugar, be high in sulfites, contain preservatives and coloring, lead1, syrup, sawdust, and other nasty stuff you don’t want in your body.

Most wines are not certified by independent labs when it comes to testing for impurities and alcohol percentage. Dry Farm Wines are all lab tested to ensure that the wines don’t overdo it on the bad stuff.

Biodynamic Farming

The Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association says Biodynamic farming is “a spiritual-ethical-ecological approach to agriculture, gardens, food production and nutrition.”

Sounds pretty woo-woo. But just think of it as organic farming on spiritual steroids. They try not to do harm and to undergo farming methods in a more holistic and healthy way. I don’t see anything wrong with that, especially when you look at how un-eco-friendly and potentially cruel factory farming can be.

Dry Farm Wines is careful in choosing small vineyards and producers who use this methodology of farming.

Is Joining the Dry Farm Wines Club Worth The Cost?

Dry Farm Wines costs 159.00+tax for 6 bottles. You can choose the varietal (white, red, mixed), quantity (6 or 12 bottles) and frequency (every 1-2 months) of the deliveries.

At around 27.00 dollars a bottle, it’s not dirt cheap. It’s also not too expensive considering the high standards that Dry Farm Wines has for each vineyard they work with and the wine they choose to be a part of their club (They only accept 30% of the wines they taste and test).

The wines are also rare in the US. I tried finding the wines that I received in my first case online and many were difficult to locate and buy yourself.

If you are new to Dry Farm Wines, you can also get your first bottle for a penny here.

How Does The Wine Taste?

Dry Farm Wines is promoted as the only health-focused, natural wine club in the world. They are all natural, lab tested with the philosophy of the “World’s Finest Pure Artisan Wines, Hand Crafted with Honesty”. Sounds awesome! But how does it actually taste?

I’ve only had tried red wine’s so far as my first order was a 6 bottle package of the red varietal.

So far, I haven’t been disappointed. Despite being low carb and low in sugar, the wine’s are rich in flavor and texture. When sipping on lower quality wine, you can subtly but distinctly taste chemicals or sugars that just don’t resonate as natural. You don’t experience this with Dry Farm Wines.

The bottom line, It’s very good. I enjoy it with food or by itself and look forward to each bottle.

If you primarily enjoy sweet wines or always order the sweet mixed drinks at the bar, these wines may not be for you.

Great Marketing of Dry Farm Wines

All things keto, paleo, and low carb have been the health craze these recent years and Dry Farm Wines have taken full advantage of this.

If you search for reviews, most of the results that come back originate from websites, blogs, and podcasts that promote the keto or paleo lifestyle. Many of the content coming back to you will be interviews from the founder of Dry Farm Wines, Todd White, and web pages from the Dry Farm Wines website.

They dominate the search results for anything related to dry farming grapes and anything related to “healthy wines”.

While this may seem like the industry is just propping each other up by promoting each other’s products and claims, I see their success and growth in marketing as a side effect of having a good product, mission, and story.

I follow many keto and health and fitness podcasters in the field and have heard Todd White’s story multiple times. It’s a compelling story and I haven’t come across any reliable reviews or articles that give me any reason to doubt his authenticity and his focus on quality.

Having dealt with other brands with admirable missions but questionable products, trying Dry Farm Wines out has been a pleasure.

The Wine that Gives You Absolutely No Hangover

“Finally Enjoy The Night Without Sacrificing The Morning” – Dry Farm Wines

The only issue I have with Dry Farm Wines is that they claim to be hangover free as well as not disrupt your sleep. It’s a prominent selling point in their marketing material and testimonials.

Maybe this is because they know that those who subscribe to Dry Farm Wines are generally health conscious individuals who limit themselves when drinking wine and who might not get drunk enough to get a hangover.

The fact is, even at 12.5% alcohol, you can get pretty drunk if you drink fast enough and in great quantity. If you do get drunk enough off of the wine, you will not sleep as well as you normally would and you will wake up feeling a bit off and possibly dehydrated and nauseous. In other words, you may get a hangover.

I haven’t tried getting piss drunk on bottles of Dry Farm Wines yet, but I’m curious to see how the hangover will differ from other wines, beer or distilled liquors.


Despite my dislike for claims that their alcoholic beverage doesn’t give you hangovers, I think Dry Farm Wines is an outstanding product. Their mission to provide you with high-quality, sustainably-grown, lab-tested natural wines is a mission I can appreciate.

Dry Farm Wines does a great job in marketing their product and packaging up the story of their company and mission. But this fact wouldn’t matter an iota to me if they didn’t have a great product as well. Fortunately, they do.

What is your favorite keto/low-carb/paleo friendly wine or alcohol beverage?


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