Oura Ring Readings after the Moderna Vaccine

When I took the first dose of the Moderna Vaccine, I did not have any adverse reactions besides a sore arm. I expected the 2nd dose to be similar, but this time I did have a slightly negative reaction to the vaccine. 

I had very mild flu symptoms. My body felt a bit weaker than usual. Because of this I skipped out on my CrossFit workout. This was probably the right move. In the past when I felt similar weaknesses in the body and forced myself to WOD hard, there was a chance I got sick the following days afterwards. Whether this was because of the high intensity training or the fact that I may have already been in the early stages of illness before training, I’m not sure. 

Either way I thought the vaccine was a valid excuse to skip my workout the day after I took the vaccine.

Just to be clear, my symptoms from the vaccine were VERY mild, I felt slightly weaker than I normally do. Mentally I was less sharp and was hesitant in taking a cold shower. which I normally do on a daily basis for its physical and mental benefits.

My Oura ring detected odd physiological activities after the vaccine. This is what my Oura ring read after each night starting from night 1 of the vaccine:

Day 1: Slightly elevated body temp and a lower heart rate variability.
Day 2: Higher resting heart rate. Much lower HRV. Higher body temperature and high respiratory rate
Day 3: Back to healthy levels of body temperature, heart rate variability and resting heart rate

It seems like the night of sleep I had on day 2 was the one that stood out the most with the highest HRV reading as well as resting heart rate. By day 3 I was back to healthy levels and felt 100%

When I drink alcohol in the evenings, my heart rate variability plummets and my resting heart rate rises just like with the vaccine.

Based on what I’ve heard from other’s experience with the vaccine, my experience was common if not better than average in terms of discomfort. The 2nd dose of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine made many of my friends curl up like a ball for a few days while others just felt a bit tired. I was lucky I had a mild reaction while making antibodies for Covid-19.

Will you be taking Covid vaccines every year?

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