DAYP 33: Storing Fat is a Human Feature Not a Bug

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  • Storing Fat is a Human Feature Not a Bug
  • EU vs US Food Regulations with Mac & Cheese Example
  • Have You Heard of GOATA?

Storing Fat is a Human Feature Not a Bug

For most people, losing fat is an ongoing battle.

Many people struggle to lose weight and even when they do, they gain it back faster than it took them to lose.

As annoying as this struggle to keep fat off is, there is an evolutionary explanation. Fat is an extremely efficient energy storage system and helped humans survive in times of famine.

Being able to store fat increases your likelihood of survival, which is important, as our hunter-gatherer ancestors didn’t have the luxury of 24-7 access to food through grocery stores, fast food, and refrigerators.

However, it’s this evolutionary adaptation that also explains why the obesity rate continues to rise all over the world.

We have access to so many ultra-tasty calorie-dense foods that our fat-storing abilities are working against us and making us unhealthy.

It’s estimated, that modern humans, or Homo sapiens, showed up on the planet around 300,000 years ago.

Compare 300,000 years to 100 years, which is how long we’ve had the modern refrigerator and it’s not surprising how modern food has hijacked our health.

EU vs US Food Regulations with Mac & Cheese Example

Some people ask, why does food taste better in Europe than in the US? The answer could be the differences in food regulations.

The United States takes a more reactive approach to food additive regulations.

This means most food additives are allowed on the market until something goes wrong or it’s later shown to cause issues.

The EU, on the other hand, takes a stricter approach. Only food additives that have been proven safe and non-harmful are allowed to be used in foods.

To illustrate this example, check out these 2 ingredients labels for Mac and Cheese.

Here is the US version of Mac and Cheese.

Notice anything interesting about the US version?

Nowhere in the ingredients is “cheese” listed even though it’s called Macaroni and Cheese! While no cheese is listed there are yellow food colorings #5 and #6 which are at least the same color as cheese.

And now here is the EU version of Mac & Cheese.

A big difference is cheese powder is an actual ingredient!

Have You Heard of GOATA?

When I heard of GOATA from Mark Bell’s podcast repeatedly, I became curious about what GOATA was. 

GOATA movement is a new training methodology that focuses on improving specific movement patterns that cause a large portion of injuries.

Key movement points GOATA focuses on are your inner ankle bones, leg and hip positioning.

GOATA stands for ACTIONS of the GREATEST OF ALL TIME ATHLETES. Specifically, athletes that played at the highest level for decades without career-ending injuries

Some of these athletes include Michael Jordan, Mike Tyson, Usain Bolt, Roger Federer, and Tom Brady.

If you were to enter a GOATA training facility, they would video record you doing specific movements like sprinting or jumping.

They would then analyze the movements and pick them apart on a video readout where you can see exactly what you were doing right or wrong.

Based on the analysis they would give you certain training programs to follow.

As a training methodology, they seem very analytical, scientific, and legitimately useful for most people.

The price for their programming isn’t cheap, but it’s also not inordinately expensive for what you get.

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