Bear Komplex HUMMER Speed Jump Rope Review

I’ve tried many jump ropes from the Rogue fitness jump ropes to cheaper versions of the same jump ropes that I found on Amazon in hopes of improving my double unders for CrossFit workouts.

The Bear Komplex Hummer Speed Jump Rope has been my favorite one so far. The weight of the handles is perfect and the unique way you adjust the rope makes it super easy to use.

You can see from the video below how easy it is to insert the rope and adjust it to your height.

The drawback of the Bear Komplex Hummer jump rope

Although it hasn’t happened to me during a workout, I have seen some people while using it lose the rope when it gets caught on their shoe. Because it uses a mechanical retractable method of inserting and removing the rope, this is a possibility.

Pros Bear Komplex Ropes for Improving Double Unders

  • The handles weigh perfectly for me.
  • The price is very reasonable. Around 30 bucks.
  • It comes with a replacement rope.
  • Perfect for double under training.
  • Has different color options
  • Not cheap plastic like many other speed jump ropes.
  • High-quality look and feel.

Cons of the Komplex Hummer Jump Ropes

  • Some people complain about the ropes coming out during workouts. I haven’t experienced this issue personally.

Tips On Improving Double Unders

First, feel comfortable with doing single unders. Once you can do 30-50 of them unbroken you can move on to double unders.

Most people can jump high enough to get the rope to pass below them twice so it’s mainly about getting the right rhythm.

One way to get the right rhythm is jumping up and tapping yourself on the thigh with both hands twice while you are in the air. Do this for 5-10 minutes a day without a jump rope until you feel that you have the right rhythm and count. After this, you can try using the jump rope.

The way I learn most movements is watching good quality YouTube videos then practicing a bit afterward while it’s fresh in my mind. Then repeat. Below is a good video that goes through a few drills to help you improve your double unders.

Jump Rope For Raising Heartrate

There are many ways to raise your heart rate. You can do 15 burpees or simple jumping jacks. I personally like raising the heart rate and getting warmed up by doing 20-40 double unders. You can raise your heart rate 2-3 times faster than other exercises and it’s a great way to build endurance. You can work your way up slowly to the goal of besting the jump rope champion Molly Metz who does about 1400 unbroken double unders in around 10 minutes.

You Get More Information About The Ropes and Purchase them Here

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