Are Resistance Banded Workouts Legit or Bullshit

So you’re looking into getting in shape at home. Consequently, you’ve been Googling and YouTubing all day and the options seem endless. Do you even need to buy anything? Bodyweight exercises and calisthenics seem all the rage these days. Should you get dumbbells, a bench, ab rollers, parallettes, pads, or resistance bands? Look on YouTube and you can find workouts for any equipment or bodyweight exercise. But we’re not here to talk about every equipment under the sun. We’re here to talk about resistance bands.

Can you get in shape with Resistance Bands?

The short answer is yes. Since you can get in shape with no tools at all, adding resistance bands is a step up. Getting in shape is subjective. Everybody has a different shape they want to be in. You can get in “good” shape by basic prison and home workouts. I’m talking about sit-ups, push-ups, pull-ups, and squats. So why do you need resistance bands? It gives you options without taking up too much space. Plus there are benefits to adding resistance to your bodyweight exercises.

Can You Lose Weight with Resistance Bands?

You can definitely lose weight with resistance bands. Similarly, you can also lose weight by not exercising at all. All you have to do it modify your diet and consume fewer calories. Calorie intake is the key to losing weight. Any movement or exercise can burn extra calories and resistance bands aren’t any different.

Diversity in Movement Patterns

The benefit of resistance bands is that you can work out almost every muscle group in the body and adjust the resistance based on the distance you are from the band and where you hold the band. You can tie the band to a doorknob, bedpost, or use your feet to hold it down while you are performing overhead squats or thrusters. You can choose to focus on a specific muscle group or perform compound movements like you would with barbells. Think deadlifts and squats. With the right heavy duty resistance bands, you can really build muscles, get stronger and toner.

Can you get ripped with resistance bands?

Look at James Grage. He is shredded to the extreme with ONLY resistance bands. But he’s a pro and he has heavy-duty resistance bands. You can have access to these bands as well. So yes, you can get ripped using only resistance bands. It just takes a LOT of work. Getting ripped means you have a low body fat percentage. This means you would not only have to put in a lot of time in getting in your repetitions as well as eating a consistently healthy diet.

Ripped using bands only

How much weight do resistance bands add?

Different bands have different resistance levels denoted by the weight. While it’s a rough estimate, the weight designated to the band is the weight when it is at maximum safe extension. The maximum safe extension is stretched around 3x the original length of the band. So unless you reach maximum extension, you’re resistance level is less than the denoted number of kilograms or pounds.

I Am too Advanced for This Stuff

If you think using bands for workouts is only for warming up or beginners, think again. You can now find very advanced workouts online like the aforementioned James Grage and many other athletes integrating bands into their workouts.

You can also add bands to your weightlifting movements for more resistance and balance training. This helps you train those tiny muscles you never thought you needed. This type of training will accelerate your powerlifting gains.

Different Types of Resistance Bands

Typical resistant bands set from 4-5 different strength levels. This will cover most of the exercises you will need for a full-body workout. The range of weight is from 15 to 100 lbs. Many of these types of bands can be found here on Amazon.

Bands can also be used for physical therapy purposes. You can still do basic exercises with them but the bands will typically have less resistance. Make sure you read the details on the specifics for the bands before purchasing.

The gold standard for awesome bands is the Rogue’s monster bands. These are more expensive than regular bands you will find on retail websites like Amazon. Rogue has bands with resistance that goes all the way up to 200 pounds!

My Experience With Resistance Bands

I prefer barbells and dumbbells over resistance bands. I enjoy tossing around weight and the satisfaction of completing reps without bands. That being said, I do integrate bands into my workouts. I use them for accessory work. It’s a good way to get that extra burn after or before a heavy weightlifting session.

I also travel with workout bands because they are so light and easy to use in any confined space. I would recommend resistance bands to anyone who travels a lot and doesn’t want to bother finding a gym everywhere they go.

Anything I do with light dumbbells (20-35 lbs.), I find using the band yields similar results. For heavier resistance, I prefer using barbells or dumbbells.

Anybody, advanced or beginner can benefit from adding bands into their routine. This is true if you lift heavy weights and use bands as an additional resistance and balance training. It is also true if you use bands for warmup exercises or mobility drills.

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