A Review of the Hypervolt Massage Vibration Device

I regularly go to the gym and engage in heavy workout circuits most of the time. Working out and sweating on a daily basis feels great. Muscle soreness also feels great in small amounts but sometimes it can be annoying. My solution is to get a deep tissue or Thai massage as often as possible. It may cost me bucks but at least I feel like a million bucks afterward. When I stumbled upon Hypervolt, I was pretty excited to try it out. This is my Hypervolt review based on my experiences where I try to lay out the pros and cons of the popular device.

What Is Hypervolt?

The Hypervolt looks a bit like a futuristic weapon. The Hypervolt has many cool features. It uses a powerful high-torque motor that can deliver up to 3200 percussions per minute and allows you to choose among three speed settings to get the right amount of pressure and stimulation. It includes a Quiet Glide technology, so when you turn it on, the vibrating sound it produces is not as loud as the other products, which is a good thing. It’s powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that lasts up to three (3) hours of use per charge.

What’s In The Box?

The package includes the box, the Hypervolt main device, rechargeable lithium-ion battery, charging cords, instruction manual, and 4 interchangeable head attachments — a 2-inch foam sphere, hammer tip, an arrow-shaped nub, and a two-pronged bit. What are these head attachments for? Each head attachment oscillates back and forth providing different stimulation and pressure allowing to reach deep into glutes and some muscles.

What Company Is Behind It?

Hyperice is a company diving into sports and recovery technology where its products are developed to meet the standards of even the best athletes in the world. Their aim is to provide athletes and trainers with tools to improve their performance by faster recovery time, injury prevention, enhanced and efficient body movements.


How Do You Use It?

It’s easy to use. Turn the power on until the LED ring glows around the base of the device, which also indicates how much battery life is left. You can repeatedly press the button to choose from three different speeds and a stand-by mode. You basically place the head of the now vibrating device on areas where you feel the sore or tightening. You can do this for about 3 to 6 seconds on the area while slowly moving and massaging to the next area. By the way, the attachment heads are easy to remove; you just have to twist it. I personally like using the sphere head and arrow-shaped head as they stimulate most of the muscles, mostly on shoulders (delts and supraspinatus), glutes, and legs. I’m usually using it for 5 to 10 minutes a day depending on how intense my workout is. They claimed that it can sustain for 3 hours of full charge. I’m yet to try the 3-hour battery drain test, but I usually charge it once a week even though it still has some power in it.

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What Are The Benefits?

I use it when I feel the soreness crawling on my muscles and after working out for relief on my shoulder, lower back, butt, thighs and legs. Aside from muscle soreness, there are more benefits that you can get from using Hypervolt.

  • It is easy to use for self-myofascial release.
  • It helps relieve muscle from soreness.
  • It loosens tight muscles.
  • It promotes blood and oxygen circulation.
  • It improves range of motion.
  • It accelerates warmup and recovery time.
  • It’s also good for cooling down.
  • It massages deep into the muscle tissues to stimulate and regain their functions.

Who Can Use It?

Actually, anyone who works out can use Hypervolt. If you are an athlete or even a hard trainer who wants to accelerate your performance, then this device is perfect for you. A massage can soothe your muscle soreness and stiffness and improve blood circulation. Massage therapy by vibration, on the other hand, can be beneficial for your muscles and tendons because it sends waves deeper into your musculoskeletal system that helps in regaining your strength, muscle coordination, and function.

What Others Say About It?

“The HyperVolt is something you would typically find at physical therapy offices or recovery and rehab classes, but now the technology is available to everyone. Sure, there are recovery classes offered at studios like reCover and Tone House that incorporate vibration therapy, but with recovery becoming an integral part of the everyday athlete’s routine, it’s important for the technology to be accessible at home.” – Meg Lappe, Gear Patrol


“Firstly, when you turn it on, you are quickly surprised by the noisiness or lack thereof. I have used the Theragun and although it felt good, it was NOISY. This is the truth for most vibration therapy devices but the Hypervolt is definitely the exception. You may think that there is a trade-off for quality but at 3200 percussions per minute, there is no trade-off. However, at the third setting, it is pretty loud so it’s not as quiet as you may think.” – Michael Rochin, Workout Of The Dad


My Personal Overall Pros of The Hypervolt

  • It is very strong as a vibration device. I haven’t had a massager that is this intense. The different attachments that it comes with are great too. I end up using the bullet attachment the most because it’s can really stab into your muscle deeply.
  • It feels good. It relaxes your muscles which in turn relaxes you, at least temporarily. I can’t honestly say whether I notice this speeding up my recovery or if there is any scientific studies that say this type of massage will help speed up recovery, but it feels good and if the placebo effect makes me think it speeds up recovery, that’s good enough for me.
  • The battery life is great. I don’t use it every day like some people but I do use it every few days and I usually don’t charge it until the light turns on the device turns yellow. This happens every 2 weeks or so.

My Personal Overall Cons of The Hypervolt

  • Because of the nature of the device, it’s hard to massage hard to reach places in your back without the aid of someone else. This isn’t really the device’s fault, just an annoying factor I noticed while using the Hypervolt.
  • I honestly can’t think of many cons of the Hypervolt. I guess this is because I got exactly what I expected. Nothing more, nothing less.
  • Because of the power of the Hypervolt, if you overdo it on a specific area of your body, there is a chance you can get sore from overuse.

Cheap Alternatives To The Massage Gun

As a more cost-effective option, there are three items that I use that I find give me great results when trying to break up that scar tissue and mobilize my joints that I use nearly daily. It takes a little bit of training and YouTubing but these simple tools really worked for me.

  • Lacrosse Balls – These really drill into your musculature deeply. You can use it on the floor or on the wall. I do both as well as lay on a foam roller to really get the hard to reach spots.

  • Peanut Lacross Balls – I sit on these and massage out my hamstrings or I lay on a foam roller and put this to get the muscles to the right and left side of my spine. I go all the way up and down the spine and it feels great.

  • Foam Rollers – Using this in conjunction with the lacrosse balls allow you to get into hard to reach angles of your trapezius muscles and neck. I prefer the hard foam roller.


I use Hypervolt after my every workout and it hasn’t failed me. I feel like a heavy weight has been lifted, I can move much better and can sustain another workout session after using it. It’s a bit cheaper than other heavy duty options. The sound intensifies as you increase the speed level, but it still is not as loud as other similar products. Two things though: it’s a bit on the heavy side and it doesn’t include a pouch for the device. I recommend using this product especially if you are an athlete, a hard trainer or physically active. It might make a huge difference in your exercises and performance.

You can check the Hyperice’s Hypervolt and other similar massagers here.

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