First Progress Video: Deadlift, Power Clean and Snatch, Handstand Walk

This is the first of many video posts of my workout progress for specific movements. I am trying to improve not only the amount of weight, repetition or distance for these movements but most importantly for me, the correct technique and form.

Note that when I am testing my max, I am not training to improve my max. I would not recommend trying to test your max lifts too often as there is little physical and training benefit in doing this.

The Deadlift

Here you see my absolute max deadlift weight, 365 lbs. I tried to lift 370 but couldn’t budge it. I tend to round my back when the weight gets heavy, so that’s something that I will try to fix. Your max lift for most types of lists can vary from day to day by up to 10%. I can tell you right now I can’t consistently lift 365 lbs every time I try!

Tips from a useful video called “Common Deadlift Errors ft. Austin Baraki”

  • The barbell should always leave the floor when balanced directly over the middle of the foot
  • The barbell should be directly below shoulder blades, not shoulder joint
  • The barbell should be 1 inch between shin and bar. Don’t step too far or close to the bar.
  • Grip right outside the legs.
  • Don’t move the bar after it is positioned correctly
  • Make sure pressure us not focused on your toes. Maximum pulls shouldn’t be done on your toes.
  • Keep your back flat. (something I need to focus on)
  • The barbell should be moving in a straight and vertical line, grazing your legs.

Link to the video

The Power Clean

I am power cleaning 200 lbs in this video. I didn’t feel comfortable testing a higher weight. 200 lbs isn’t a bad place to start though but I still have a long way to go. After proper training, adding 20+ pounds or more should be achievable.

Here are 3 common power clean mistakes you should avoid. Tips taken from this video

  1. Elbows are too low when catching the barbell.
  2. Jumping the feet out when you catch the bar. (don’t jump out with really wide feet!)
  3. Using excessive arm pulls.

The Hang Power Snatch

This power snatch was done from a hang position. The snatch is one of the most difficult movements to master. I’m only snatching 135, a novice level.

My technique and shoulder mobility both need significant work. If this was a full snatch, which includes holding the barbell while squatting, I wouldn’t be able to even get close to 135.

I plan to increase mobility and strength in that overhead position by integrating overhead squats and snatch balance exercises into my training routine.

Introduction tutorial video to the hang snatch

Handstand Walks

This movement just requires you to put in more hours and getting used to being upside down and falling. So far I can get around 5-6 feet by handstand walking. I just need to practice this a few times a week on a consistent basis and I should be able to hit 10 feet.

I tried handstand walking with narrow grip (shoulder width) and it does seem to help with stability.

Another exercise towards handstand walks is to walk yourself up to the wall very close to your nose basically touches the wall, then begin walking out. When you go into a handstand, often you don’t know how non-vertical and bent your legs and body are. By aligning yourself on the wall you can get an idea of how it feels when you are perfectly vertically aligned.

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