Training and Fitness to Die At Your Peak

What is your attitude towards training and fitness?

Are you trying to get stronger for a specific competition? Are you trying to look better for beach season or are you simply trying to feel more energetic and be less winded when you play with your kids? Since everybody’s notion of fitness differ based on what they are trying to achieve, it’s important for you to decide what your goals are and develop a stance and direction on what you really want to accomplish.

Personally, I focus on a solid training routine that involves weights, HIIT, mobility, and recovery.

My Consistent, Healthy and Cheat Filled Eating Schedule

Are You a Picky Eater?

I’m lucky I’m not a picky eater. I can adjust and adapt to most types of ingredients I find at the grocery stores. If my typical cheese, meats or veggies aren’t there, I move on and purchase other ones. Just as long as they meet my general criteria of no sugar and grains.