How Can The Apple Watch Series 6 Improve Your Health

Whether you’re an Apple fan or not, you gotta admit, their gadgets are pretty impressive, so admittedly, we got a bit excited when it was finally unveiled this week at the company’s Time Flies event, a live-streamed virtual event due to the Covid-19 outbreak. However, one concern most gadget enthusiasts frequently bring up when a company like Apple releases a new version of a product is if there are enough upgrades to make it worth the purchase.

Relife Rebuild Your Life Power Tower

The Relife Rebuild Your Life is a “power tower” exercise rack that allows you to do push ups, pull ups, dips, abdominal raises and other body weight based exercise you can think of. This would be a good addition to the home gym of those who are heavy into strength training, especially during these times

P3-OM Probiotic by BiOptimizers

Probiotics are essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. However, there are tons of probiotics out in the market today, how would you know which one is the best? P3-OM by BiOptimizers claims to be a “friendly and ferocious” probiotic supplement since it uses a super strain of L. Plantarum that can digest the protein-coating of

Muse S: Brain Sensing Headband

Meditation can take a bit of practice before it works and some people have a difficult time getting the hang of it. Thankfully enough, technology is now able to provide a solution even for problems such as this. The Muse S is the successor of the Muse 2. These headbands are packed with sensors that

Apple Watch Hacks for Health

There is no doubt that the Apple Watch is an impressive gadget that spares no expenses when it comes to features. Like all Apple devices, it comes loaded with top of the line high-tech hardware. This makes it a versatile piece of equipment that opens up so many possibilities for app makers. 

Whether you are doing long and intense workouts or Just Greasing the Groove throughout the day, the Apple Watch is a great fitness companion.

Ways To Increase Your VO2 Max

So you want to increase vo2 max. If you’ve read our post about VO2 Max and The Reason to Measure Heart Rate Variability on the Apple Watch you’ll know why measuring VO2max is so important if you’re an athlete or heavy into fitness. In that article, we mentioned that your Apple Watch and other fitness

The Apple Watch And How it Can Help You Improve Your Health

Living a healthier lifestyle is a struggle for a lot of people. With modern life moving at a frenetic pace, most find it increasingly difficult to exercise and eat right. Because of work and various other responsibilities, keeping tabs on your health now feels like an optional chore. Fortunately, technology at present has become smart

VO2 Max and The Reason to Measure Heart Rate Variability on the Apple Watch

Keeping track of VO2 max and Heart Rate Variability rates have become indispensable for people who train since it can provide them with valuable information on their cardiovascular fitness. Because these two metrics are so important in measuring not only athletic performance but general well-being, it’s now difficult to find a fitness device on the

American Versus European Food and Drink Standards

Some of us may not look at the labels very well when buying food and drink products, except for the brands we want to get. Usually, we would just get them from the grocery shelves and freezers and stuff them to our carts. But, if we look closely and compare them, especially the U.S. and EU products, we would be able to distinguish each one’s standards.

It’s sad that some pesticides, such as Dacthal, are banned in Europe and classified as a carcinogen is allowed to be used on many of items we eat regularly in the US.

Healthspan Is More Important Than Lifespan

According to statistics, the lifespan of this generation’s general population has increased, and the health status has also improved mainly because of the new drugs and medical innovations. These are both amazing news, but what do we really mean when we say lifespan and healthspan? Is there a difference between the two and is one more important than the other?